Old World Plumbing Warranties

Old World Plumbing, LLC is driven by pride and a goal of bringing the best in products and services to all of our valued customers. We focus on “Plumbing done the right way.”

Old World Plumbing warranties all materials and workmanship to be free from defect for a period of one (1) year from the date of installation. Any materials determined by Old World Plumbing to be defective shall be repaired or replaced by Old World Plumbing, LLC. This warranty does not cover defects or damages caused by misuse, negligence or acts of God.

All customer-supplied fixtures or parts are installed with a one (1) year warranty on the labor and any miscellaneous material we supply to complete the installation. The warranty on any customer-supplied product that Old World Plumbing installs is between the customer and the manufacturer.

Some products supplied and used by Old World Plumbing come with a manufacturer warranty that is longer than one (1) year. In such situations the manufacturer will supply the replacement part or unit, but the manufacturer’s warranty does not cover Old World Plumbing’s labor costs beyond the first year unless specified otherwise.

Old World Plumbing’s services of drain cleaning including to one (1) re-rodding of a sewer (excluding previous rodding for tree roots) or drain line offers no warranty of service.

Old World Plumbing shall not be liable for water or other damage resulting from any defect or from any delay to said warranty claim. The consumer must take reasonable steps to mitigate damages.

In no event shall Old World Plumbing be liable for any special, incidental, consequential or exemplary damages under this warranty agreement. Old World Plumbing’s entire exclusive liability, whether in contract or tort or otherwise in any way connected to the service provided under the agreement, is limited to the replacement or repair of the work, or at Old World Plumbing’s option, a refund of the actual amount paid for the work.

If for any reason any scheduled or unscheduled maintenance is not performed, any loss or damage resulting from a failure alleged to have been caused by lack of performance of said maintenance visit shall not exceed the cost of the maintenance agreement.

Old World Plumbing will respond to a warranty claim with reasonable promptness between the hours of 8:30 and 3:30 Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

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