Leaking water heater from the top plumbing repair

If your water heater is going to leak, you certainly don’t want water coming from the bottom of your unit. That’s not to say that a water heater leaking from the top is a good thing, but it is preferable to a bottom leak. But, what’s causing that leak and how can you fix it?

Water tap with running yellow water in a sink

Chicago has no shortage of old homes. It’s part of what gives the city its character and provides some personality to the surrounding municipalities that also have old homes.

Backup sump pump

Most homeowners would prefer to appreciate a good downpour; watch as it’s feeding the lawn and/or garden, keeping the trees nourished and the shrubbery vibrant.

Plumber repairing burst water pipe after basement flooding

If your finished basement is your hub for entertainment, being used as an office or for an extra bedroom, the last thing you want to deal with is...

male plumber using plunger bathroom sink

We’ve all been there – standing over the sink when all of a sudden the water backs up, failing to drain as it normally does. Whether it’s...