Plumber repairing burst water pipe in home

Careful planning comes in handy, particularly in a situation where a home emergency occurs. For example, a water pipe bursts – what are your first, second, third and fourth steps to remediate the problem?

Faucet running high water pressure

Most homeowners coast along for quite some time before they ever encounter a problem with water pressure in their home, but yet it’s not exactly a rare occurrence – sooner or later it happens.

plumber hands with tools and faucets

If you’re going to have a problem with your toilet, you’d probably rather it constantly run rather than be clogged. However, once that first month’s water bill shows up after the toilet has been acting up for weeks, you’re going to change your tune.

plumber fixing bathroom

If you think a leaky faucet is not a big deal, consider that you could be wasting five gallons of water a day. That’s a situation where you have a drip per second, but if you’ve got a more extensive leak, it’s going to be far more than five gallons a day, and it will really start to show up on your water bill.

working on a sewer plumbing

Taking steps to protect your sewer drains and water lines is something all homeowners can do to prevent plumbing problems, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a brand new home or a fixer upper that has been on the block for 100 years – following the same preventative steps and knowing what signs to look for can prevent a plumbing mishap.

Leaking water heater from the top plumbing repair

If your water heater is going to leak, you certainly don’t want water coming from the bottom of your unit. That’s not to say that a water heater leaking from the top is a good thing, but it is preferable to a bottom leak. But, what’s causing that leak and how can you fix it?

Water tap with running yellow water in a sink

Chicago has no shortage of old homes. It’s part of what gives the city its character and provides some personality to the surrounding municipalities that also have old homes.

Backup sump pump

Most homeowners would prefer to appreciate a good downpour; watch as it’s feeding the lawn and/or garden, keeping the trees nourished and the shrubbery vibrant.

Plumber repairing burst water pipe after basement flooding

If your finished basement is your hub for entertainment, being used as an office or for an extra bedroom, the last thing you want to deal with is...