High Efficiency Gas Water Heaters

There’s nothing like taking a hot shower in the morning, or having warm water to wash the face at night. Having a ready, seemingly inexhaustible supply of hot water is something most people take for granted, but the water heater that tirelessly produces the hot water we rely upon for a number of household tasks is an afterthought when it is functioning properly.

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A gas water heater is the most commonly used type in homes across the United States today. Gas heaters provide much faster access to hot water than electric units. And because it is so quick to heat water, it is less prone to run out during times of heavy use. Unfortunately, water heaters don’t last forever, which means repairs and/or replacement is inevitable.

Gas water heater installation and services in Kane, Kendall, Cook and DuPage counties

Gas water heaters use either propane or natural gas as an energy source. Residents of Kane, Kendall, Cook and DuPage Counties who have gas lines in their homes typically choose gas water heaters for their homes. Old World Plumbing provides a range of services for gas water heaters, including installation, inspections and maintenance, repairs and replacement.

  • Gas water heater installation
    It’s always recommended that a professional install a gas water heater. When replacing a heater, the older model must be dismantled and removed safely before the new one can be hooked up to the gas and water lines and then fired up. These are jobs for a professional.
  • Gas water heater repairs
    While gas units are extremely reliable, they typically need repairs from time to time, depending on how they were installed and maintained. Again, only trust a qualified professional to make needed repairs.
  • Gas water heater replacement
    Most manufacturers say their products will last eight to twelve years, but a gas heater will last longer than that if taken care of properly. Nonetheless, there will come a time when the water heater needs to be replaced. You can choose the same type of unit that you previously owned or ask your plumber for recommendations about the latest technology.
  • Gas water heater maintenance
    Annual inspections and maintenance are recommended for all water heaters to help ensure that minor issues don’t turn into major problems. Schedule annual appointments with a trusted plumber from Old World Plumbing.
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Common gas water heater problems

The older a gas water heater is, the more prone to problems it will be. One of the most common issues with these units is related to the pilot light. If the pilot light isn’t lit, you’re not going to get hot water because there is no initial flame to kick on the burner that heats the water tank. This is often caused by a dirty or clogged orifice, making it impossible for air to get through to feed the flame.

white gas water heater

If you’re experiencing any of the following problems, call a plumber to have your water heater checked:

  • Rust-colored water
  • Sulfur smell coming from water
  • Odd noises, like a high-pitched whine or popping sound
  • Water leaking around the base
  • No hot water
  • Not enough hot water

These are all signs that your heater needs to be repaired or possibly even replaced.

Why do you need a vent?

Gas water heaters are fed by natural gas or propane, which creates what’s known as flue gases, which are dangerous and need to be vented. Flue gas is made up mostly of water vapor and carbon dioxide; when this acidic gas is allowed to build up, it can cause a water heater explosion.

There are two main types of vents – atmospheric and power vents. Your plumber will let you know which is appropriate for your situation.

  • Atmospheric vent
    Among the oldest types of vents available, the atmospheric vent usually has a pipe running from the top of the unit and out through a chimney or standard roof vent. This system relies on pressure created by the water heater to push the gas out and through the vent.
  • Power vent
    Instead of relying on pressure from the heater itself, a fan is used to generate the force needed to expel the gas in a power vent. Because the fan cools the gas, plastic piping can be used instead of metal. An electrical line must be run to the unit to provide a power source for the fan.

Repair or replace your old gas water heater?

Fortunately, many gas water heater issues can be addressed through a simple repair. However, if you’ve had the unit for a decade and it begins to fail regularly, your plumber will likely recommend replacing it.

New gas water heater installation and maintenance

technician servicing water heater

Whether it’s new construction or the replacement of an old unit, consult with your plumber about which new unit will perform best for your home and your needs. A gas water heater requires the expertise of a professional plumber who has the experience to install your unit correctly. A properly installed water heater does its job better and lasts longer than those that are installed by do-it-yourselfers.

To ensure that your unit will run as advertised for years, schedule annual maintenance visits with your plumber to make sure it is functioning properly.

Licensed plumbers for high efficiency gas water heater systems services

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