Sump and Ejector Pumps

In Chicagoland, big rainstorms can quickly dump hundreds of gallons of water on a single roof, and that water has to go somewhere. Without the proper protection, a dry basement can quickly turn into a flooded mess.

Sump pumps, which remove water that has accumulated in a water-collecting sump pit, are the perfect option for lower levels of homes, particularly those in areas that are prone to flooding. If you have appliances below grade, you’ll need an ejector pump to remove wastewater from the home and keep your lower levels safe from bacteria and germs.

Complete sump and ejector pumps services in Kane, Kendall, Cook and DuPage counties

Residents of Kane, Kendall, Cook and DuPage counties are no strangers to torrential rains, which is why they need to know where to go for complete sump services. Also, building a bathroom or laundry room below grade means they will need an ejector pump system.

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Sump and ejector pumps services include installation, repair and replacement. When something goes wrong with your pump, you need to react fast or you could face property damage and potential health issues due to mold or bacteria from wastewater.

At Old World Plumbing, we have the highly trained plumbers you need for complete sump and ejector pump services. Whether you’re remodeling, building new or need repairs, we’ve got the skills to handle the job.

The most common sump pump problems and reasons for failure

Sump pumps must be installed correctly in order to protect against flooding. But proper installation is just the first step; like all mechanical devices, sump pumps will fail from time to time. Lack of maintenance, power outages, broken switches and incorrect sizing can all contribute to pump failure.

  • Lack of maintenance
    If your sump pump isn’t ready for the rainy season, you can expect a failure at some point. That’s why some manufacturers recommend firing it up every two or three months when it’s not being used. While you’re testing the pump, be sure it’s discharging water outside. The float needs to be checked so it’s not obstructed, and listen for any strange noises coming from the motor – it could be a sign that it needs to be replaced.
  • Power outages
    If you have an electrical outage, your pump will not work. Unfortunately, power outages are common during big electrical storms, so have a backup generator or backup battery-powered sump pump at the ready.
  • Broken switch
    One of the most common mechanical issues for sump pumps involves a bad switch, which means the float will be ineffective. The switch and the float work in tandem, so make sure they are both inspected regularly.
  • Incorrect sizing
    A small pump might do the job during mild summers, but larger storms can lead to flooding if the pump can’t keep up. Ask your plumber if your pump will keep up with any size storm.
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Sump pump installation, repair and replacement to fix the problems

Most brand-new sump pump installations require removing a two-foot expanse of foundation and dirt all around the house, then adding drain tiles and gravel before replacing the concrete. These are not tasks that DIYers should attempt.

Repairing and replacing sump pumps is also a technical duty that should be left to the licensed plumber. Often, especially in Chicagoland where the rains can be quite heavy, basements will flood. This is a sign that you either need a sump pump or your current one has issues that need to be addressed immediately. Repeated basement flooding is known to lead to health issues, such as respiratory problems caused by mold.

The most common signs you have an ejector pump problem

We tend to forget about our ejector pumps when they’re doing their job. It’s only when something goes awry that it gets our full attention. In some cases, the pump will sound like it’s cycling, yet it won’t evacuate any waste. Sometimes, it’s just the float rod that is malfunctioning, likely because it is out of adjustment. In other cases, it’s a clogged impeller, which means the pump needs to be removed in order to clear the clog.

Another common ejector pump problem is when the ejector is humming like it’s doing something, but nothing is actually happening. This could be a case of a broken impeller, which means it’s unfortunately time to replace your ejector.

Ejector pump troubleshooting: minor diagnostics, repairs, installation or replacement

When troubleshooting an ejector pump problem, plumbers will most often run into the issue of the installed ejector being too small for the job. Another common problem is improper installation of the ejector, typically because the installer cut corners that resulted in a shorter lifespan or complete failure. Most repairs start by checking for bad switches, improperly aligned floats, clogs and impeller issues.

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Installing an ejector pump is labor intensive and should only be carried out by a professional. There is often some foundation work involved, and a battery-powered backup is often part of the project.

Replacing an ejector pump, while not as labor intensive as installing the inaugural pump, is also a tricky task. It involves having the technical experience to know what size pump to put in and to make sure it’s installed perfectly so that it will safeguard the home at all times.

Types of pumps to protect your home from water damage

The two most common types of sump pumps are pedestal and submersible:

  • Pedestal
    This upright pump has an impeller at its base with the motor situated directly above the pump, as it’s not meant to be submersed in water or otherwise get wet. They are often the less costly of the two options, but they generate more noise and heat than a submersible pump.
  • Submersible
    As the name implies, a submersible pump is designed to work underwater in a sump pit. While more expensive than the pedestal, it lasts longer, is relatively quiet and offers a more attractive appearance than the pedestal design.
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An ejector pump shares similarities with the sump pump and it too is installed in a floor basin. However, it doesn’t collect ground water like a sump pump does. Rather, it eliminates grey water from appliances like washing machines and wastewater from bathrooms that are built below grade, pushing it to the municipal sewer system. Old World Plumbing has years of experience repairing, installing and replacing ejector pumps.

Furthermore, we have experience with installing, repairing and replacing sump pumps, including heavy-duty sump pumps. And every unit should have a battery backup, which Old World Plumbing can install and repair.

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