Winterizing or Power-Jetting of Sewers

Preparing for winter comes with a load of responsibilities when you live in the climate that Kane, Kendall, Cook and DuPage County residents face almost every winter. Unfortunately, some of these residents have done things like stepped onto a soggy carpet to discover they’ve had a pipe burst or walked into a flooded and half-frozen garage. In situations like these, you need a plumber — and fast.

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Cleaning out the sewer more than just a good practice for proper sanitation. In fact, when it comes to preparing for the winter it’s practically mandatory, as cold weather leads to faster formation of congealed fats, oils and grease (FOGs). Power-jetting is the perfect solution for getting those lines as clean as possible before the mercury takes a nosedive.

While FOGs can easily make their way through the sewer system during the warm summer months, they build up on the sewer line walls more quickly during the winter, leading to sudden emergencies. Get ahead of it by contacting Old World Plumbing today.

Sewer jetter winterization in Kane, Kendall, Cook & DuPage counties

Power-jetting is a process in which water is pushed at high pressure through a nozzle, knocking down all the debris inside the sewer pipe and quickly eradicating potential clogs from the system.

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Also referred to as hydro-rodding or hydro-jetting, the process not only clears out clogs, it jets away the debris that leads to clogged lines such as accumulated soap, grease and other materials that create sludgy buildup over time.

Snaking the line will clear out a clog, but it doesn’t clean the sides of the sewer pipe, which is why sewer jetting is preferred for a longer-lasting resolution. It’s also considered more economical, as snaking a line will require more return visits due to the fact that it doesn’t completely clear out all the debris that leads to blockage.

The complete sewer winterizing and plumbing services

At Old World Plumbing, we offer the complete package of winterizing and plumbing services, including winterizing outdoor fixtures, fixing exterior cracks, protecting bare pipes and power-jetting sewer lines .

  • Winterizing outdoor fixtures
    Any type of outdoor plumbing requires winterization, which could include turning off and draining supply valves, disconnecting hoses and draining the water from them, and turning off sprinkler systems, which might also require blowing out water from underground lines.
  • Fixing exterior cracks
    Cracks and holes in walls and foundation should be filled with spray foam insulation and caulk to keep cold air from coming in contact with pipes.
  • Protecting bare pipes
    All bare pipes should be covered, wrapped, etc., with heat tape or insulation. This is especially true of pipes located in crawlspaces and attics where ambient air temperatures drop into the single digits during the harshest winter months.
  • Power-jetting sewer lines
    Push all the debris out of the sewer lines in preparation for the cold temperatures to come. This will significantly reduce the risk of burst pipes and back-up wastewater in your system.
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The most common problems

Winter-proofing sewers and drains is important because water expands as it freezes and will cause pipes to burst, and that can lead to significant flooding. If you want to avoid a plumbing emergency, don’t fall victim to common wintertime problems like ruptured sprinkler lines, damaged faucets, ruptured sewer lines and congealed fats, oil and grease (FOGs).

  • Ruptured sprinkler lines
    Water left behind in the sprinkler line will expand when frozen, rupturing the line — a problem that likely won’t be discovered until the system is activated in the springtime.
  • Damaged faucets
    Any moisture left in an outdoor faucet will freeze, damaging the delicate rubber washers and leading to leaking faucets in the warmer months.
  • Ruptured sewer lines
    Insulation is your friend. Normal residential insulation will be appropriate for most areas of the home, but if you have pipes that are exposed to a draft, you might have to take extra measures to ensure they don’t freeze and burst.
  • Congealed FOGs
    Power-jetting your sewer lines will blow out all the FOGs that lead to complete blockage when it turns to a solid in colder temperatures.

Winterize plumbing before sub-freezing weather comes along

Residents of Kane, Kendall, Cook and DuPage Counties are familiar with how brutal the winter can get. When you partner with Old World Plumbing, you get access to all of our winterizing services before the mercury dips below freezing.

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