Backflow Prevention

Not everyone is aware of the importance of a backflow prevention solution in a residential plumbing system. They are an important part of the system because they prevent adverse health effects that can be caused by wastewater going the wrong direction and entering the “fresh” water supply.

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Backflow is the reverse flow of contaminants into your potable water supply. Essentially, backflow prevention solutions safeguard drinking water from becoming contaminated by backflow. Old World Plumbing offers backflow prevention services to keep our clients safe and clean water flowing in the right direction.

Home backflow prevention devices and services in Kane, Kendall, Cook and DuPage counties

While most public water supply systems offer enough pressure to keep water flowing to faucets, showerheads and other water-using appliances, that pressure can be compromised during times of high demand or if a water main fails. It’s during these moments that wastewater can be drawn into the system from leaking sewage, soil or storage tanks and other sources, creating a health risk.

The actual backflow prevention device provides an air gap in an open vertical space between devices that are part of a plumbing system. This could be a valve or a faucet or any part of the system where contaminated water could find its way in.

What is an RPZ backflow preventer device and why do you need it tested?

RPZ stands for reduced pressure zone, which are assembly valves that protect water supplies from being contaminated. Generally speaking, these are devices put in place to prevent drinking water and the municipal water supply from being contaminated.

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The way they work is that when the normal pressure that feeds water to a home is reduced, the RPZ kicks in to prevent any backflow from occurring. For example, let’s say you have a water leak in the house or the municipal water supply fails for one reason or another – that reduced pressure can cause contaminates from irrigation systems, which might contain toxic pesticides or fertilizers, to back up into the drinking water supply. The RPZ is there to stop that from occurring.

To ensure that the RPZ is in working order and will perform as advertised in times of need, it should be inspected and tested. Illinois law mandates that a plumber who is licensed with Cross-Connection Certification carry out the backflow preventer inspections on the RPZ device every year. If your RPZ device passes, the plumber will fill out the necessary paperwork and pass it on to your municipality. If it does not pass inspection, the plumber should have the necessary skills to repair or replace the RPZ device.

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Backflow prevention device installation on a plumbing system

Installation of a backflow prevention device is not for the do-it-yourself enthusiast, which means Kane, Kendall, Cook and DuPage County residents who like to tackle home improvement projects should leave this up to the professionals. In fact, this is something that requires a certified backflow technician, such as those that Old World Plumbing has on staff.

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The following appliances or installations typically require a backflow prevention device:

  • Garbage disposals
  • Pools
  • Toilets
  • Faucets that have a hose attachment
  • Irrigation systems
  • Dishwashers

Our reliable plumbers, who have years of experience installing backflow devices, can handle all types of preventer replacements and installations.

Backflow preventer repairs and replacement services

Just as with installation, backflow preventer repairs and replacement services should also be provided by a licensed technician/plumber. Old World Plumbing offers full-service testing and repair as well as replacement for backflow devices. We cover everything from devices for pools and toilets to irrigation systems and common household appliances.

When a backflow preventer fails, the problem needs to be addressed quickly because this befouled water cannot be used until the issue is resolved.

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A qualified plumber can ascertain the extent of the problem and if it will require a repair or a replacement. The risk of cross-contamination between the water you consume and the water that is meant to drain away from the home is no small matter, so contact Old World Plumbing today to ensure that your repair or replacement needs will be addressed quickly.

Protecting water quality from contamination with professional plumbing experts

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