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While the standard toilet is only made up of three parts — the flushing components, the tank and the bowl — a variety of things can go wrong with either of them and each separate problem requires a different approach. If you’re having a problem with your toilet, be it a clog, leak or lack of flushing power, Old World Plumbing has the expertise needed to diagnose the problem and make the fix. We can also replace your toilet.

Toilet plumbing services in Kane, Kendall, Cook and DuPage counties

Among the toilet plumbing problems residents of Kane, Kendall, Cook and DuPage counties often experience are constantly running toilets and clogged or leaking toilets.

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Regardless of what type of problem you’re having with your toilet, you need a plumber skilled enough to handle it. At Old World Plumbing, we offer the following services:

  • Clogged toilet repair
  • Leaking toilet repair
  • Toilet replacement
  • Toilet drain repair

The World Toilet Organization estimates that the average person will use the toilet up to eight times a day. That’s a lot of uses, especially if the toilet services an entire family. With that much use, it’s a wonder that malfunctions don’t occur more often — but when they do, Old World Plumbing is available to make the repairs.

Toilet installation plumbing services

Toilets made more than 20 years ago are highly inefficient, and there are many homes in Chicagoland that are still using them. Modern toilets only use 1.6 gallons of water per flush compared to the older models’ 3.5 gallons. If the average person flushes the toilet six to eight times per day, that’s 21 to 28 extra gallons per day with the old-fashioned toilet design. For that reason, many homeowners are doing the right thing and having more efficient toilets installed. However, it’s not something that should be attempted by a novice.

At Old World Plumbing, we are familiar with a number of popular toilet designs and can assist you in choosing which one would be right for your home. Toilet plumbing installation is a serious job that must be completed correctly, and that’s what our clients rely on us for every time they require plumbing installation services.

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Repair leaking or clogged toilet

A clogged toilet is one of the most frequent plumbing issues homeowners face. While most clogged toilets can be remedied with a plunger, there are times when the blockage is severe, which means a plumber’s services are required. One of the more effective methods is rodding, a technique that utilizes flexible yet stiff rods to break through even the most stubborn clogs. Jet-rodding, which uses a high-pressure stream of water to clear blockages, is used in the worst of cases.

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A leaking toilet is another issue that plumbers are often called upon to fix. In some cases, it’s a leaking supply line while in others it’s a broken tank. If the toilet wasn’t installed correctly, faulty connections could be the culprit. The flush valve, also referred to as a “flapper,” tends to warp over time, which can also cause a leak. Whatever the issue, a professional plumber can determine if a simple repair will do the trick or if the entire toilet needs to be replaced.

While there are only three main components to a standard toilet, there are a number of parts, including:

  • Flipper valve — The valve that seals the water in the tank before and after a flush
  • Base — Bolted to the floor over a wax ring
  • Flush handle — The part outside the tank that when depressed sets off the flushing valve
  • Flush valve — A part inside the tank that opens to let water through when the flush handle is depressed
  • Shut-off valve — The water pipe connected to the toilet can be shut off with this valve, allowing plumbers to work on the toilet without flooding the bathroom
  • Trip lever — Usually a chain inside the tank that will lift the flapper after the flush handle is depressed

As with all moving parts, these will sometimes fail. When that happens, a plumber can determine exactly what went wrong and make the necessary repairs. We have experience repairing and installing many different brands.

Toilet drain repair

Repairing and/or replacing a toilet drain is no small job. In fact, most novice home improvement enthusiasts are wise to pass this job off to a professional. A certified plumber will know what type of pipe to use and where to install it safely. This requires the removal of the toilet and flange and working within the floor or the wall.

At Old World Plumbing, our expertise makes the process look simple, even though it’s rather complex. We specialize in fixing and replacing plumbing pipes, drains and sewer lines, typically with same-day service.

Toilet replacement plumbing services

When you find that your toilet is no longer operating as it once did, a thorough inspection by a professional plumber is required to find out if it needs new parts or if the toilet should be replaced with a new one.

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Toilet valve replacement, toilet tank replacement, and repairing or switching out the components (such as flapper, chain, shut off valve, etc.) can bring a toilet back into line, giving it additional years of service. However, when it’s time for a new toilet Old World Plumbing has the experience needed to take out the old one and replace it with a new, more efficient model.

Our plumbers are ready to help with all of your toilet plumbing problems

The toilet is an essential part of every home, and it should be working properly at all times. Leaks will increase your water bill and damage your property. Furthermore, leaks associated with toilets can also present a health risk.

At Old World Plumbing, our plumbers are ready to assist you with toilet repairs, replacement and installation. Contact us today at (630) 315-0888 to schedule an appointment.

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