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Have you ever had that sudden rush of panic when the washing machine begins to overflow? Have you ever walked into your laundry room to find a huge puddle on the floor? Or maybe you’re just experiencing some abnormal water flow issues or an odd smell is coming from the floor drain? Whatever the problem, you need a certified professional plumber from Old World Plumbing to get to the bottom of it.

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A proper laundry room includes a complex system of pipes, drains, valves and appliances. It might also include wastewater management systems, including an ejector pump. Laundry plumbing repair work is not for the novice – it’s something that deserves the attention of a full-time plumber. At Old World Plumbing, we’ve handled just about any laundry plumbing issue you can imagine.

Laundry room plumbing services in Kane, Kendall, Cook and DuPage counties

There are many components that go into a properly functioning laundry room. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the pipes, appliances, fixtures, faucets, sinks, drains and everything else. Old World Plumbing is here to assist residents in Kane, Kendall, Cook and DuPage counties with any service they require in their laundry rooms.

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Unblocking laundry drain lines and cleaning floor drains

Have you ever loaded your washing machine only to come back 30 minutes later to find soap and water all over the floor? In most cases this is caused by a backed-up drain line that needs to be addressed by a certified plumbing professional.

Flooding is a common problem that results from faulty laundry drain lines. It’s not uncommon for lint and other debris to build up in the lines to cause a blockage. A qualified plumber from Old World Plumbing can determine how best to tackle the job, typically with an electric auger or a jet-rodding application that will clear the drain line.

Utility sink and faucet repair and installation in your laundry room

Utility sinks in laundry rooms and garages get some pretty heavy-duty use. These sinks help us tackle dirty jobs that involve grime, mud and dirt. However, all that debris going down the drain can cause some issues over time. In fact, if the drain in the utility sink isn’t cleared out from time to time a blockage is inevitable.

In the utility sink faucet, a loose cartridge or stem can lead to leaks. The cartridge often becomes twisted inside the faucet, which will cause it to break and leak. With just a few tools and parts, a qualified plumber can address any problem with a utility sink faucet, sink or drain.

Frozen pipes and leak repair

Laundry rooms are sometimes located in areas of the house that don’t require a great amount of heat because they are rarely occupied. But when the winter rolls around and you’re hit with some particularly nasty weather, these areas of the house can be severely impacted if the water lines become frozen.

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A frozen line is caused by the expansion of freezing water within it. This can result in cracked pipes, which will leak and cause water damage as well as mold and mildew issues that can pose a health risk. Old World Plumbing can locate the damaged area(s) and make the necessary repairs. We’re also able to thaw frozen or partially frozen pipes and replace any piping or valves that are beyond repair.

Washing machine leak and repair services

There are numerous reasons why a washing machine can leak. The drainage hose coming out of the back of the machine can become cracked or clogged; the drain can become filled with debris and completely blocked; the water valves leading to the machine can malfunction or the unit itself can have a major flaw that leads to leaking.

At Old World Plumbing, we’re experts in laundry room plumbing issues. We can get to the bottom of your washing machine leak, making the necessary repairs to get you back up and running in very little time.

Tips for maintaining your laundry plumbing

A properly maintained laundry room will experience minimal plumbing issues. Taking care of essential plumbing systems will allow clean water to flow to your laundry room and allow wastewater to drain efficiently. Unfortunately, most people take an “out of sight, out of mind” approach to their plumbing, which means they are surprised by plumbing emergencies that can often be avoided with regular maintenance.

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Consider this: if your laundry plumbing is dripping at the rate of two drops a minute, that will add up to around 70 gallons of wasted water over a year’s time. But because leaks don’t fix themselves, those two drops will increase to a slow dribble as the conditions that led to the leak continue to worsen. To prevent small problems from becoming large ones, schedule a regular maintenance schedule with a qualified plumber and have any repairs made immediately.

Checking the washing machine hoses and clearing drain lines every month drastically reduces the rate of incidents. Properly insulating water lines in drafty areas will prevent line freezing issues. Talk to an Old World Plumbing professional about other maintenance tasks you can undertake to stay on top of your laundry room plumbing.

Our plumbers are ready to help with all of your laundry room plumbing problems

At Old World Plumbing, our professional, insured and certified plumbers have years of experience working with laundry room plumbing repair, replacement and installation. We have a total dedication to the craft, and our service vans are stocked with almost anything a plumber will need to address your laundry room plumbing issue.

Our clients rely on our competitive pricing and our dedication to flawless customer service. With state-of-the-art equipment and our proven techniques, we’re able to tackle any plumbing issue with confidence. We treat your property like it’s our own, so call us today at (630) 315-0888 and schedule an appointment to fix your plumbing problem. We’re also available to offer free estimates for upgrades and remodeling.

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