Bathroom and Shower Plumbing

If you’re like many residents in Kane, Kendall, Cook and DuPage counties you are looking to make home improvements, and this could include installing a new shower. Obviously, this is not a do-it-yourself kind of job – it requires the assistance of a professional plumber from Old World Plumbing.

A highly trained plumber will ensure that everything, including the pipes and fixtures, is installed perfectly and that your shower will function properly for years to come.

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Old World Plumbing helps homeowners with a wide range of services for their bathrooms, including:

Bathroom sink plumbing and leakage repairs

At Old World Plumbing, we have the skills necessary to outfit your bathroom with a single or double sink vanity so your family can get ready in the morning for school or work. If you should have any problems with your existing bathroom sink plumbing, our seasoned technicians can repair or replace any damaged sink pipes and fixtures.

We can also replace the bathroom sink drain in the event that the current drain cannot be cleared effectively or has been damaged by chemical drain cleaners and the like. Toothpaste, soap and hair are common debris that will build up in sink drains, but we offer services that will restore your drainage. We will use an electric auger to tackle the issue; in more severe cases we offer rodding and jet-rodding services that will clear any size blockage.

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Whether you need water heater inspection, repair, installation or maintenance, our licensed plumbers can help you!

Bathroom and shower faucet and valve replacement, installation and repair

There are more great options than ever when it comes to shower faucets. Many homeowners are enjoying multiple showerhead options, which feel great when you shower but require significant pipe work to feed all of the heads. Old World Plumbing has the skills to tackle any kind of shower faucet installation, repair or replacement.

Supply valves located in a bathroom are vital plumbing connections because they allow you to turn the water off when you need to replace or repair any part of your bathroom plumbing system. At Old World Plumbing, we can install new valves, and repair or replace aging or broken valves. Furthermore, should you experience leakage from any part of your plumbing system, we’ll diagnose the problem quickly and accurately and repair or replace the affected parts as needed.

Shower drain and floor drain cleaning services

Garages, basements and laundry rooms often feature a floor drain that will take care of any excess water that comes from flooding. These drains have traps in them to prevent sewer gas from backing up into the house. However, the traps can become clogged with debris, especially over time as small pieces get stuck, which is why having the floor drain cleaned on a regular basis is a good preventative measure.

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Shower drains are also susceptible to clogs as soap, hair, flakes of skin and other debris pass through them on a daily basis. Old World Plumbing, we offers a number of services to clean shower and floor drains. Rather than using environmentally unfriendly caustic chemicals that can damage pipes, we utilize rodding and jet-rodding services as well as electric augers to completely clear out shower and floor drains.

Bathroom and shower plumbing repairs, installation and replacement

It is critical to watch for shower leaks. Showers get heavy use, and with the average American using just over 17 gallons of water per shower even a small leak can lead to big issues. Leaks most commonly come from the floor, drain, pipes or grout issues.

  • Shower Floor
    Cracks in the shower floor can allow water to bypass the drain and leak out onto your floor and subflooring.
  • Drain
    A leak coming from a faulty drain will be hard to find for the average homeowner, but a plumber can quickly ascertain if the drain is in working order.
  • Grout
    When grout between tiles wears out, water can escape into the backer board and eventually between the walls and onto ceilings, floors and subfloors.
  • Pipes
    A faulty pipe can leak hundreds of gallons of water per day, causing utility bills to skyrocket and causing damage that may take days, weeks or even months to notice.

Our plumbers are ready to help with all your bathroom and shower plumbing problems

Don’t let your shower plumbing issues get the better of you; call Old World Plumbing today and let us inspect the problem. We have years of experience with shower plumbing systems, so we know how to install, repair and replace any type of shower and the associated fixtures and plumbing. Call us at (630) 315-0888 to schedule an appointment today. We’re available 24/7, so if you have a shower plumbing emergency you know who to call.

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